Ayurvedic Oil

By the usage of our Ayurvedic Oil, clients can unlock positive vibes and empower themselves to maintain optimum health. As the skin contains blood vessels hormones, therefore a massage with our Ayurvedic Oil can do wonders to blood circulation. Using our Ayurvedic Oil in massage is effective as it helps to maintain accord and poise. As the molecular size is tiny of our Ayurvedic Oil, it can effortlessly breach into the skin and transfer the healing properties to the body in an effective way. Our wide-ranging array of products includes the Dhara Massage Oil, Dhara Ghass Oil and Dhara Kesh Raksha Oil.

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Dhara Massage Oil

Dhara Massage Oil helps the customers in gaining aid for back pain, knee pain, neck pain and other joint pain that they face. Our Dhara Massage Oil is widely acknowledged as a potent pain-reliever oil and is also known for its effective nature. It is made with the abstracts of Datura, aak and lahsun and processed with sarsav


Dhara Ghass Oil

Dhara Ghass Oil is blended with the accurate composition of rich natural herbs which have an elegant and unique fragrance. Application of the Dhara Ghass Oil helps in gaining aid for the back pain, knee pain, muscular pain and pain in the stiff muscles is also cured. The oil has to undergo various tests before we provide it for


Dhara Kesh Raksha Hair Oil

Dhara Kesh Raksha Hair Oil is known famously for its fine finishing. Every customer has given a positive review about our Dhara Kesh Raksha hair oil. Our product is enhanced with the usage of Bhringraj, Amla, Aloe vera, Brahmi and other eleven other Ayurvedic Jadi Buti which are administered with Cow's Milk. It helps in hair