Ayurvedic Powder

Ayurvedic Powder supplied by us is one of the bestselling products. We sell different ayurvedic powder for different problems faced by the clients. The powder that we produce is of the premium quality, and only the natural herbs are used in the production. Problems such as diabetes, weight gain, constipation, hair removal and etc. can be dealt with our ayurvedic powder. Our comprehensive range of packages comprise of Dhara D-Kill Powder, Dhara P-Nil Powder and Dhara Weight Loss Powder.

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Dhara D-Kill Powder

We provide Dhara D-kill Powder to our esteemed customers. It is favoured as the unsurpassed herbal medicine for diabetes. It helps in controlling the sugar level in the body, aids relief to the joint pain and increases the body stamina. It also helps to regulate ones™ immunity level. Along with all these benefits, we


Price :INR 2.00

Dhara P-Nil Powder

Dhara P-Nil Powder is known for the outstanding purity and freshness. It is also known for the best packing it has and the duration of its medical value. Dhara P-Nil Powder is absolutely made using the prime status natural essentials and modern technology in obedience with the standards set by the medical industry. Moreover, we


Weight Loss Powder

We indulge our customers by offering an enormous range of Weight Loss Powder. This Weight Loss Powder is extensively used by weighty consumers for weight control and reduces the unwanted fat of the body. By consuming this powder every day, we can gain an effective result of slim and sleek body and the powder also keeps the body